If you need to manufacture top quality machine parts, let the professionals do their job.

We can provide almost any process necessary to manufacture your parts.


Excel CNC Machining Inc. large inventory of machines, at a present time consists of twenty seven CNC milling and lathe machines. We are a medium size machine shop, yet very well equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure satisfaction and fulfilling our customers’ needs. Our main advantages: lead times, pricing. High quality of our products is accomplished as a result of professional management with over 20 years of experience in manufacturing field.

Vertical Milling Centers

- 8 Mori-Seiki MV503 Machining Centers
- 2 Shizuoka B12V
- 2 Advanced VMC-1500
- 1 Advanced - 1100
- 1 Matsuura MC 800V
- 1 Seiki APC-600 W/Pallet
- 9 Matsuura MC510V
- 1 Mori-Seiki MV1003 (94" x 35" x35" Travel)

Horizontal Milling Centers

 2 Networked Hitachi-Seiki HS630 with 36 Pallet Pool
- 1 Akira Seiki SH-500
- 1 Mitsui Seiki HR3B
- 1 Matsuura MAM-600HF

CNC Lathes

- 2 Mori Seiki SL-35B
- 2 Mori Seiki SV-500 with Live Tooling Centers
- 1 NNakamura Tome TW-20 with Twin Spindles, Live Tooling and CNC Barfeeders
- 3 Tsaguami CNC Swiss Style Screw Machines up to 32mm