“We look forward to having the opportunity to provide services also for your company, and that we will be able to add your company to the list of our major partners.”

Kris Wisinsk i – Owner / CEO

Welcome to Excel CNC Machining Inc.

Established in 1989, Excel CNC Machining Inc. is one of the most modern machine shops in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are ISO certified (ISO 9001:2008) and specialize in manufacturing complex parts. We run both small and high volume production, offering to our customers competitive prices and very short lead times without compromising quality. We can afford to offer very good terms due to our large inventory of machines.



Excel CNC Machining provides services that meet the most stringent customer's requirements and the latest technological trends.



Our Q/A Program and Manual have been designed in accordance with the Mil-I-45208A inspection system requirements.



We offer custom enclosures and parts which can be finished to a customer's specification.